About Lucas van Beers

IM3D is run by Lucas van Beers. He is a 3D expert with a passion for printing. As a part of an international network of printing enthusiasts, Lucas is always one of the first to explore new 3D developments and technology. He is also a valuable sparring partner for companies that want to make 3D printing part of their production or prototyping process.

Hooked on 3D

Lucas was 13 when he first encountered a 3D printer. He ordered his own printer on the same day and has been hooked ever since. He quit his studies at Wageningen University to follow his dream and started working as an operator for several 3D printing services.

Exploring means of manufacturing 

3D printing became Lucas’s day job and the number of printers in his home steadily increased (up to 20!). He experimented with different materials and set-ups and spent his time reading the manuals for most (if not all!) popular industrial 3D printers.

Lucas also gathered valuable information on other means of manufacturing, enabling him to weigh the pros and cons for different methods of 3D printing. This makes Lucas a valuable sparring partner for companies that consider investing in their own 3D printers or sticking to traditional production methods like injection molding or casting.

Expertise and a valuable network as the base for IM3D

Lucas has spent the last 8 years laying the foundation for IM3D. He became well known in the 3D printing community through instagram and by visiting 3D printing events around the globe. Lucas has become a go to for printing colleagues and companies, answering questions and helping them to get the most out of their 3D printing devices. In 2022, Lucas and IM3D joined the Inframotion family. Inframotion was established 13 years ago and has a wide range of experience in the IT industry. IM3D and Inframotion share knowledge, expertise and resources to provide customers with reliable services. Based in 3D printing country #1, The Netherlands, Lucas keeps exploring new possibilities and technologies, as he runs IM3D with great care.

“I see 3D prints everywhere I go”


Contact Lucas

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Lucas van Beers
Additive Manufacturing Expert

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