Taking 3D printing to the next level

Industrial 3D printing has grown BIG. With an increasing number of printer types and brands, the possibilities are endless. Still, we find that much of the 3D potential is still untapped. That is why IM3D wants to take your 3D capabilities to the next level.

Need help to shape your 3D future?


Is your 3d printer doing the right job?

Quietly and quickly, 3D prints have conquered the world. Which does pose a problem. In this rapidly evolving high tech market, it is hard to get a clear overview of all the possibilities. The result: 3D printers do their job. But are they the most suitable printer to do this job? And are they being used in the most efficient way? It is impossible to know without the proper expertise. 

Our mission: the next level

IM3D is here to help companies unleash their 3D potential. We aim to get the right printers to do the right jobs. We also aim to educate anyone involved in the printing process, creating more awareness of the possibilities and limitations of 3D printing. Educated people choosing the right printers will result in next level 3D printing: with an efficient workflow and an increased return on investment. 

Our services


IM3D experts help you to optimize your 3D printing process. We can improve the workflow for 3D printers you have, or aid you in your search for the printer that does your job the best. Training operators and providing safety instructions are also an important part of our consultancy.



IM3D buys and sells used industrial 3D printers. We always have a few printers in stock and use our international network to find the right pre-owned printer for your company. We can use the same network to find customers, if you are looking to sell your printer.


RFA Services

IM3D likes to make your life easier with our Ready For Action services. These services include maintenance, transportation and getting the 3D printer ready for use after a change of environment.


Are you ready to level up?

We are glad to hear it and happy to help. Call Lucas or send him a message using the contact details below.

Lucas van Beers
Additive Manufacturing Expert


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