RFA 3D printer maintenance services

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Do you want to make sure that your printer is ready to perform when you want it to? IM3D will take care of it. Our Ready For Action (RFA) services include maintenance, installation and calibration of your industrial 3D printer. We also do appraisals and offer transportation services that include getting your printer all set for production in a new location.

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Moving and transporting 3D printers

An industrial 3D printer is a precision instrument. Moving a 3D printer should be done with great care. With many moving parts and sensitive sensors, it is vital to clean and fixate all parts according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. As a trader in 3D printers IM3D has transported many 3D printers across the globe. We thoroughly clean the 3D printer, get all parts ready for transport and use suitable crates or packaging. If available, we can re-use the original packaging. Once the 3D printer is shipped, we travel to the new location to install and calibrate the device.

Installation and calibration

Installing your 3D printer

Some 3D printers are plug and play devices, but most industrial 3D printers require some work and time to set up properly. We use our expertise to minimize the downtime. IM3D sets up the supply of materials (filaments, powders and liquids) and makes sure that the printer has the right power supply. We also take into account that some printers use cooling liquids that need time to circulate after transportation.

Calibrating your 3D printer

Industrial 3D printers can be affected by minor changes in conditions and need to be calibrated according to their current environment. IM3D performs several tests and calibrates the printer. We account for differences in temperature and ensure level placement of your device. Issues encountered during testing are fixed immediately.

3D printer maintenance

Every 3D printer is susceptible to wear and tear and the accumulation of dirt and dust. That is why IM3D provides maintenance as a part of our RFA services. Timely cleaning and maintenance ensure the best prints. It prevents imperfections in the end product and lengthens the lifespan of your printer and its parts. Regular upkeep will also enable us to anticipate upcoming defects and reduce downtime due to repairs.

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Appraisal of industrial 3D printers

Are you doing a stock inventory? Or are you getting ready to sell your 3D printer? We can help you appraise your device. We determine the current value of your 3D printer setup, considering the average lifespan and demand for the printer type and brand in the current market.

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